world cup round 1 Maribor

Day 2:

With the first training we started into the season. There was nothing really unexpected: the track was really fast- section wise too fast why the UCI shut down a line in the rock garden for rider’s safety. But other than that the training went good with good section times in timed training.

Day X- here we are:

Finally we are back to race world cups. This is the first round of the 2019 UCI mountain bike world cup in Maribor/ Slovenia. We have been racing here back in 2010 and Maribor was always a nice place to go for a season starter. Maribor is a nice little city close to the Austrian border and offers some good riding. The track was infamous because of a difficult rock garden and because it’s so fast.

The first impression of the track was good and the track looks in shape even there has been a European IXS cup round on the same track a week ago. Stay tuned for more news.