Lenzerheide World championships 2018

Finals- all in!

World championships is one of those races which are hard to describe and the feelings around this all or nothing race are hard to put into words. We went to Lenzerheide to hunt for medals and to win the jerseys. The chances were realistic, which Brook proofed with winning the qualification, but world championships has its own laws…

Even we did not win and haven’t been on the podium we are honestly happy with our season. We formed a good team again and even we are tired now we can’t wait for next season to race again.  

1st Loci Bruni

2nd Martin Meas

3rd Danny Hart 

7th Laurie Greenland 

28th Michael Jones

34th Johannes von Klebelsberg

35th Brook MacDonald

59th Brage Vestavik


1st Kade Edwards

2nd Kye A’Hern

3rd Elliot Jamieson

44th Patrik Butler

Full results presented by Tissot timing.

Nothing really special happened in today’s training session. Suspension setups are done and the tires are chosen already. For sure Riders took the last chance to test some different lines to find the last tenth of a second for the race, but also this is business as usual. We are ready for tomorrow and we can’t wait to race. Stay tuned and follow us on redbull.tv.

Start times finals:

Junior Patrik Butler: 11:14:00

Brage Vestavik 14:51:00

Mike Jones 15:09:00

Johannes von Klebelsberg 15:28:00

Brook MacDonald 16:16:30

Laurie Greenland 16:20:00


Live Timing 


Well, this qualification was a good start, but we don’t want get to excited as at worlds riders keep their cards close to their chest.

1stBrook MacDonald: Brooks hasn’t had a good run. He made a few mistakes and couldn’t believe he finished in first place.  

2ndLoris Vergier

3rdConnor Fearon


23rdMike Jones: Like Brook Mike had quite a few mistakes and he was not happy with his run.

39thLaurie Greenland: Laurie was on a cruising run. He is counting on different conditions on Sunday and kept his grains for Sunday.

41stJohannes von Klebelsberg: Johannes went down in his race run, but still managed to qualify and finished as best ranked Italian rider.

69thBrage Vestavik: We saw a top perfomance thurout the training session of Brage and so it was not a big surprise he will qualify for the finals on Sunday.

This means all MS Mondraker riders did qualify for the finals on Sunday and Pat Butler completed this result with a 2ndplace. 

There were no big surprises in the first training session. The riders know the track pretty much from the world cups of previous seasons. There is only a new wood section in the lower third of the track, but this new section didn’t cause any problems so far. Today it was more about sorting out the right set of tires for the qualification tomorrow. While Laurie and Brook are protected as they finished the season in the top 20 of the UCI world cup ranking, Mike Jones, Johannes von Klebelsberg and Brage Vestavik have to qualify for the world championships race on Sunday afternoon. Stay tuned for more news tomorrw!

The 2018 world championships bike design looks very similar to what we have been racing this season. The reason therefore is simple: we had a good season and these were our “lucky colors”. So designer Alexis Vazsquez combined the colors with a gradient and pimped the design with rider individual details.

Here we are in Lenzerheide for the highlight of this race season: the 2018 UCI mountain bike world championships. Lenzerheide has been a good venue for us in the past with a victory in 2016 and with the first Elite world cup podium of Laurie Greenland last year.  The track didn’t change too much from the past years and from what we know from course walk, the track is world championships dignified.

World championships are very different to world cups as this event is federation driven, which means rider stay with the national federations and their national team colleagues. This made it even better to see that no matter what the Ms Mondraker crew stuck together for course walk and that they share lines as usual.


We are also pretty proud that we have a very strong contingent at world champs as we are represented thru 6 riders and 5 nations:

Laurie Greenland GBR

Brook MacDonald NZL

Mike Jones GBR

Johannes von Klebelsberg ITA

Brage Vestavik NOR

Patrik Butler AUS