Fort William- the world cup’s classic tour stop

this is the video summery by Björn Hunger… lots of impressions, with some niche tunes by Sons of Buddha and Supermunk- enjoy!

race report:

Heavy rain on Saturday evening changed the track overnight. The track soften up a bit, with the consequence that the early morning training sessions of the women and juniors caused new holes on the track and some roots came out, which were pretty slippery. The weather forecast looked again unstable, with a high chance for heavy rain after 4 o’clock.

Mike was the first starter of the MS Mondraker Team. After the bad luck at the first world cup round where he couldn’t qualify because of a mechanical problem, collecting points is the highest priority. Mike improved his result from 28thplace to a 24th spot in the end.

Next to come was Brook- even he is not 100% fit after his crash from Losinj and even it was not about the win this weekend, Brook pulled out the maximum. A few mistakes hold him back from entering the top ten- 11thplace for Brook and a 12thplace in the UCI world cup overall ranking.

Laurie was the last man of the MS Mondraker team on the mountain. He made a few little mistakes in some of the sections and landed almost off course on one of the jumps in the so-called motorway section, which cost valuable seconds in the end. Laurie finished in 16thposition, which dropped him in the overall into 10thplace.

Overall we had a good weekend. Maybe not the top results yet, but the performance curve is promising.

1st Amaury Pierron

2nd Loris Vergier 

3rd Troy Brosnan

11th Brook MacDonald

16th Laurie Greenland

24th Mike Jones


Day 3:

The mission was clear- all riders qualify for the finals. Even this was an ambitious mission this is what all riders are going for. From the early morning we knew that the weather might be the Grinch of the day. The weather forecast looked unstable and so we had to fight with changing weather conditions during the qualification. We had 6 riders on the start and 3 got into the finals of the top 60 men. While Laurie, Brook and Mike qualified without big effort, Brage, Johannes and Fabien struggled a bit with the changing conditions and the sporadically heavy rain and could not manage to qualify.

Qualifying results:

Brook 18th

Laurie 20th

Mike 28th

Day 2:

It was the first day of training. The dry and hot weather of the past week turned the track into being very slick. It wasn’t a very big surprise that we saw very fast times in the timed training, but the comeback of the Brook after his broken collarbone at the first round with a 4thplace in time training was a little sensation for us. Laurie as well as Mike was on a good pace, while the riders of the co-factory riders where struggling a little bit with the conditions and the setup.

Day 1:

Coming to Fort William is coming back to one of the 2 world cups classics. Far north in Scotland we race on the highest peak of the United Kingdom. The track is well know and does not change a lot as it is a man made track from top to bottom with some wooden bridges as well as a lot of rock gardens. One of the new parts from last year got reshaped and redone with rocks and changed so to a man made rock garden- in the dry not too difficult, but in the wet probably a game changer.