UCI MTB world championships 2019

This is the daily race report of the 2019 UCI MTB world champion ship in Mont Saint Anne Canada. This is one of our channels where we keep you updated.


Day 3:

That was a hard one today. Rain overnight made the track quite slippery and the rain during qualification didn’t made it easier for the riders. Eleonora was struggling with a whiplash effect from the day before and decided to just roll out of the gate as she was protected for the race. Laurie was on a good run, but as mentioned many times already this track is very hard on the material. Laurie got in one of those situations, where you simply have bad luck and suffer from a mechanical, which never happened before. He broke his rear wheel and was not able to continue his run and finished with a DNF. Like Ele, Laurie is protected and the effect of the defect was not sustainable. Brook had a good run- not on the limit and without mistakes yet, but good enough to finish in 3rd.

Day 2:

1stday practice and riders were finally allowed to show all their custom stuff and finally get on the track. The course in MSA is a material killer regarding tires and rims. Sharpe rocks and the highspeed cost a lot of spares and keep the mechanics busy. The track was wet in the morning and the women struggled a bit, while it tried up during the day and the conditions were way better for the men’s training. The track is really difficult in the wet as there are a lot of rocks, which get rogue when they are wet.

First day of practice was also the first appearance of Mondraker’s world championship designed bikes. The graphics show the comic of “Mandrake the magician”, who was the inspiration for the name Mondraker. Mondraker’s aim always was to be innovative, which they already showed with some inventions such as the forward geometry or their zero suspension concept and Mandrake is a comic character, who was able to make everything out of nothing. As a little brand out of Spain Mondraker showed some crazy bikes, which were ahead of their time, but in sustainable influenced the bike industry.  Big thx to the guys of Mondraker and the guys of color Monkeys for the realization and Mahalu.at for the design concept.

Brook got this special helmet of Red Bull inspired of graphics designed by Brooks mum and dad and realized by Painthouse customs. There are quite a lot of details on the helmet such as the region where Brook is coming for, a New Zealand Tiki, the Kiwi bird, a picture of Steve and his grandpa and the word Aroha which stands for a special thing between Brook and his grandpa.

Day 1:

Here we are in Mont Sainte Anne for the 2019 UCI MTB world championships- our season highlight. Mont Saint Anne is located at the east coast of Canada 1 hour’s drive from Quebec. MSA is with Fort William the oldest track on the world cup and already hold 2 world championships. The last time was in 2010, when we managed to have 2 podiums with Stevie Smith in 2ndand Lewis Buchanan in 3rdin the junior’s race. These are some impressions of the track from course walk. The track hasn’t changed a lot regarding track layout- it will be long, fast and gnarly in some spots.