Final world cup round Snowshoe USA

This is the daily report from the final world cup round in Snowshoes, West Virginia, USA. The 2019 UCI MTB world cup got us to Snowshoe mountain which is about 4 and a half hours west of Washington DC. The ski resort is located in a national radio quiet zone near the biggest moveable radio telescope of the world: the Greenbank telescope.

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Day 3: Qualification

One rider left in the game for 2019 UCI MTB worldcup finals in Snowshoe… not what we hoped for when we came to North America, but now we have to deal with it. While Brook is doing big steps in his reha, Eleonora had to step back from racing in Snowshoe. The concussion from yesterday would have effect her too much. Laurie is the last man in the game and as there is that special rules for world cup finals, where you won’t get any points for qualification, Laurie decided to take it easy. He tried some things on the track, but one line didn’t work out as planned and Laurie crashed over the rock drop. Nothing has happened, but currently we are pretty nervous.


Day 2: 1st practise and times training

Well not it has happened what we tried to avoid think about. Our riders flied get reduced by Eleonora Farina and now Laurie is the only remaining rider for the MS Mondraker Team. Eleonora crashed twice in her training and showed signs for another concussion in only 1 week time. Eleonora and the team decided to step back from a start to not risk any consequences.


Day 1: course walk

Track walk was pretty exciting as Snowshoe Mountain is a brand-new venue to us and the organizers modified the track, which was used for national mountain bike events. The track is different from what we used to race on the world cup circuit, but for sure the track offers a kind of everything we are asking for… and more. With 2 riders left we are going into this race and as usual we will work for podium results- stay tuned.