World cup round 7 Lenzerheide

This is our race journal from the 7th world cup race of the 2019 season in Lenzerheide. We will update the journal every day with the latest news and pictures of the day. Stay tuned we keep you posted!

Day 4: finals

Well, not the result we were aiming for, but with Laurie in 6th, Eleonora in 6thand Brook in 16thwe showed some strong performance. The conditions where not easy, with rain over night, fog and slight rain in the morning. The track was slippery in the morning and dried up from rider to rider. Eleonora was a little bit too much on the brakes she said and got 6th– just 1 seconds of 3rd. Brook had two bigger mistakes unclipped once and finished in 16th place- happy with finishing still in a good position, but not satisfied. Laurie had a good run, just little mistakes here and there, missed a line and finished in 6th. Overall the result is not bad, but simply not what we were aiming for. We are now heading to North America for the world championships in Mont Saint Anne and the last round of the 2019 UCI MTB world cup in Snowhoe/ USA.

Day 3: Qualification 

Well… qualification was a little bit unluck for us. No one to blame really, just some bad luck. Brook and Mike got a front flat tire on the same spot on the track, just after split 1. While Mike had no chance and struggled to come down the track, Brook kept pushing as he was on a good run before with the 2ndfastest time at split 1. Eleonora put a safe run down, to make it again into the finals. She finished in 6thplace and made some point for the overall. The weather forecast prognoses stable weather with a slight chance for rain after 15:00. We hope for equal conditions and a race, which will not be effected by the rain.





Day 2: practice and timed training

First training day was very good for us. For sure not every rider shows cards in timed training session, but we are happy to have 3 riders in the top ten in men’s training and Eleonora in 2nd position in the women’s training. As aid this is not 100% significant yet, but it shows that our riders are on a good pace. The conditions changed from wet in the morning to try in the afternoon. Weather for the qualification should be constant, but the forecast for Saturday is unstable.


Day 1: track walk

Here we are in Lenzerheide for the second last round of the 2019 UCI MTB world cup. Lenzerheide hosts the last European round this year and welcomes the world cup circuit with very bad weather conditions. The track got a little bit overhauled, which is why we miss the well-known rock garden this season and why we have a new steep section in the woods. In the current conditions the track will be for sure challenging, but we hope for better weather for 1stday training and qualification.